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Fill in the cargo form below and we will contact you a.s.a.p. for further information and to start shipping your cargo fast and safely with Cabolux.

Do you have any questions that differs from the form? Then please, contact us via email of call our office today, so that we can answer your question immediately.

Packaging Advice

1. Use good solid packaging materials, preferably of the same size, and stick them tightly.

2. Pack fragile items with paper. Wrap the fragile items loosely and make sure there is enough space around the item.

3. In case of plants. Collect the plants and put them in a box and make sure to keep the upper half open with concern for adequate ventilation for the plants.

4. Combine long objects, such as garden tools, as much as possible.

5. Make sure to package sharp objects well, so they do not cause any damage to other goods and or any person.

6. Be sure to wrap plates, bowls, glass plates and the like in paper. Furthermore make sure not to pile them up. We advice to place the goods on its side, so not piled up, in a box.

7. Wrap glass materials and place them vertical.

8. Disconnect the washing machine and fix the drum with the transportation brackets.

9. Make sure that the water hoses are empty.

10. Stack tableware and glassware together from big to small.

11. Make sure that caps of lamps are disconnected and packing it a box.

12. In case the content is fragile, make sure to totally fill in the boxes. Also make sure that fragile goods are very notable informed on the outside of the box.

13. Provide boxes with clear labels.

14. When packaging paintings, make sure it’s in firm cardboard.

15. Any motorcycles, scooters or any other fuelled vehicles will not be transported with full fuel tank. So please make sure to empty the fuel tank.

16. Make sure to pack initial needs such as coffee as the last items.

17. Do not pull the tape, but cut it with a knife in order to deliver a well-firmed and secured package.


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Tel:  +31(0) 10-484 65 91 

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Av. Dos Combatentes da Pátria

Lem Ferreira -
Ao lado Igreja Templo dos Milagres
Praia - Cabo Verde
Tel: +238  261 71 11 / Movél: 582 1988

Rua Guiné-Bissau Nr: 1-1 Esq, 
2110 São Vicente - Cabo Verde  

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